What happend about Angular2.0


Angular 2.0 Core
Angular 2.0 Core by Igor Minar & Tobias Bosch


AngularJS-1.3 AngularJS-2.0

可以看到原来的ng-controller、ng-model、ng-click等关键词都替换成了使用括号的属性。右边则是表达式。视频里讲到了Properties & Attributes的区别,之前我一直分不清这两这到底有什么区别,现在算是明白了,引用原话解释:

All elements have properties and some properties are serializable into attributes and those that are always restricted(受限制的) to using just a string type.
So we find properties to be more flexible because they have different types and usually the API surface is bigger.


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